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GRACE under Pressure John Baldoni

Mar 17, 2022

Greg Voisen is thought leader in the personal growth and human potential movement. Founder of Inside Personal Growth a podcast program which reaches thousands of people on topics including personal growth, business, wellness, mastery and spirituality. Greg has interviewed over 900+ authors in these fields and has developed over 900 hours of recorded podcasts over the last 10 years. Greg has recently authored a new book entitled “Hacking the Gap-A Journey from Intuition to Innovation and Beyond”. Hacking the Gap focuses on the journey of the entrepreneur and inventor, and provides both practical and pragmatic advice on how to bring a new product or service to market. The book incorporates the years of knowledge Greg has compiled through his personal experiences in business and as a serial entrepreneur as well as the knowledge he has acquired through the interviews with hundreds personal growth authors, and business thought leaders through Inside Personal Growth. Greg’s primary focus is assisting small to medium size business owners with their everyday concerns. He advises his clients on financial management, human capital development, process improvement, and sales and marketing. His company eLuminate, Inc. has a team of six associates dedicated to fulfilling the needs of his clients.