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GRACE under Pressure John Baldoni

Jun 28, 2022

Grace Ueng is founder and CEO of Savvy Growth, a leadership coaching and management consultancy founded in 2003.  Her great passion to help leaders and the companies they run achieve their fullest potential combined with her empathy and ability to help leaders figure out their “why” are what clients value most. 

Savvy’s core offerings are one-on-one coaching for CEOs and their leadership teams - aka   the “corporate therapist and best friend at work” as well as conducting strategic reviews for companies at a critical juncture, aka the “secret weapon.”  A TED speaker, Grace teaches workshops: Six Steps to Success: Building a Savvy Personal Brand; The importance of Empathy, Vulnerability and Psychological Safety; and Speaking Success: Creating the Active Asian Voice. Having battled a genetic predisposition toward depression her entire life, Grace is a lifelong student of positive psychology and happiness; she is hired to give keynotes on Happiness and Mental Wellness.

Grace held leadership roles at five high growth technology ventures that successfully exited through acquisition or IPO. She started her career at Bain & Company and then worked in brand management at Clorox and General Mills. She is a graduate of MIT and Harvard Business School and holds a positive coaching certification from the Whole Being Institute and is currently continuing her lifelong study of happiness under Tal Ben-Shahar, the creator of Harvard’s most popular course ever. Grace authors a weekly column on Happiness and Leadership.

Grace and her partner, Rich Chleboski, a cleantech veteran, develop and implement strategies to support the growth of impact focused companies and then coach their leaders in carrying out their strategic plans. Their expertise spans all phases of the business from evaluation through growth and liquidity.