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GRACE under Pressure John Baldoni

Jul 7, 2022

Marc D. Braun, former President of Cambridge Air Solutions, loves growth. As Marc says, “I love the uncomfortable feeling I get when stretching and growing as a leader. I love the uneasy feeling when businesses grow beyond their current capabilities. And I love being close enough to others to experience when they courageously grow. That's why I Coach CEOs and Senior Executives to lead fearlessly and to build courageous cultures of growth.”

Marc’s life purpose is to encourage (breathe courage into) others to become everything they were created to be. This passion has led to a lifetime of pursuing challenge after challenge, testing his potential and encouraging others to do the same.


For more than a decade Marc had the honor of stepping into leadership of Cambridge Air Solutions, an engineering and manufacturing company focused on providing market-leading HVAC technologies for the Commercial and Industrial Markets. Over the last decade, the team delivered 4X revenue growth and 10X profitability growth. Along with the financial gains, Cambridge became one of the most studied mid-sized manufacturing cultures in the US. Over 5000 people traveled from around the world to visit the Courageous Culture and be encouraged and inspired by the Cambridge employees. In July 2021, he stepped down as President after helping the owner transition to an internal successor.